Plate Heat Exchange Gas Combi-boilers, features:



Save more energy:Plate heat exchange,constant water temperature,Adjustable air distribution,save more energy,

More durable:Water pipe scaling reduction technology,Easy to remove and wash,Solve the tube cleaning problems.

Safer:Perfect security protection,level three antifreeze operation,High and low water pressure protection,Guaranteed comfort with daily used hot water.

Ultra-Quiet:The operating noise is as low as 47dB, which is lower than the ordinary refrigerators.

More intelligent:24-hour  heating with no limit time and flexable to use, flameout protection, touch screen control, sensitive and stable operation system.

XXC Plate Heat Exchange Gas Combi-boilers, meet the needs of household water, bathing and heating, provide 9 major protection and after-sales services, and provide you with all the service you need,Please contact us :



Plate Heat Exchange Gas Combi-boilers, features