How to choose a good wall-mounted boiler?

The wall mounted boiler should not only supply heating, but also provide a decent amount of constant temperature hot water, to making our life more comfortable and convenient. With the gradual prosperity of the wall mounted boiler industry, there are a wide range of wall mounted boiler products in the market to select, but the pros and cons are indistinct. In this case, how to choose the best gas wall mounted boiler for our family?

1.Is the imported brand of wall mounted boiler be the best?

As we all probably know, the wall mounted boiler originated in Europe and has a history of more than 100 years, while the first year when China imported wall mounted furnace from France was in 1989. Therefore, some consumers believe that imported products must be better than domestic products. In fact, it is not. Although the domestic wall mounted boiler industry started late, it has made rapid development in recent 30 years. Whether in terms of product quality or scientific and technological content, domestic wall mounted boilers are not inferior to imported wall mounted boiler.

2. Is the one with high price the most suitable?

As the saying goes, you will get what you pay for. Therefore, it is believed that the more high-end the wall mounted furnace is, the more expensive the price is. This problem should be analyzed in detail. With the integration of high technology, the functions of today's wall mounted boiler products are more and more complete. Relatively speaking, the products with higher scientific and technological content have more powerful functions and higher prices. However, combined with our actual life needs, not all functions are necessary. We can choose those that can meet our needs.

3. Is the high-power one the most suitable?
Some consumers believe that the greater the power, the better the heating effect. Therefore, they prefer high-power products when choosing. In fact, the choice of power should be determined according to their own housing environment, area, actual heating demand and so on. Suitable is the best.
At present, there are many imported and domestic brands on the market. The gas wall mounted furnace with the best reputation is also the gas wall mounted furnace. XXC is a national brand deeply loved by consumers. XXC wall mounted furnace adopts leading design and production concepts and advanced production equipment. It has established a dedicated heating equipment R&D center and user experience center to consider product design, installation and other links based on user's real experience.
XXC gas heating water heater has 12 excellent functions, including liquid crystal reality, remote control device (optional), multiple control modes, premixed combustion, health and environmental protection, constant temperature technology, safety and reliability, silent and environmental protection, closed system and multi period programming control. It is suitable for a variety of gas sources and software upgrading. 30 heavy security protection, wholeheartedly imagine for you!

How to choose a good wall-mounted boiler?